I found a puppy online…

It is important to be aware that puppy mill puppies are often sold online, in newspaper ads, brokers, and dealers.  Puppy mills also sell animals directly to the public, often putting forth the appearance of a reputable breeder. Ask your breeder to meet the parents and see where the puppies are living.


  • You can’t see where the mom and puppies are living. (It is not a health risk to visit them.)
  • They always have puppies available.
  • They are more interested in money than making sure their puppies have good homes.
  • There are many different breeds or breed mixes available/ (AKA designer breeds)

puppyMillDid you know that most pet stores purchase their puppies from puppy mills? These stores want “product” in the store and always have a shipment coming.  Pet stores rely on the relationship between families and their new puppies being so strong that puppies who begin to exhibit health or behavioral problems will not be returned.  Wanting to “rescue” a puppy from its cage at the pet store only reinforces the cycle of supply and demand that keeps puppy mills profitable.  It is condemning the parents to a cage 6″ longer than their body, not including the tail.  And this is a USDA standard and legal.

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Dog Purchaser Protection Act