Federal Legislation

Introduced 12/1/21 – Goldie’s Act (H.R.6100) mandates USDA inspectors document and report all observed violations of the AWA.  It will also improve cross-reporting of these violations between the USDA and local and state authorities.

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Legislation by State


HB 1711 –  Provides that a pet shop operator may offer for sale a dog or cat only if the dog or cat is obtained from an animal control facility or animal shelter.

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New York

S01130/A04283 – Prohibits the sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits by retail pet shops; authorizes space for adoption

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SB 234 – Pet Retail Sales Ban (Victoria’s Law)

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Governor Wolf Celebrates Animal Protection legislation!

Curb Animal Cruelty in PA!


HB 1424 – Washington state is on its way to Governor Inslee to be signed into law.  This will prevent any new puppy-selling pet stores from opening in the state.

Legislation by City


SO2020-2827 – Prohibits the sale of puppy mill dogs in Chicago

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