Volunteers are critical to our continued work and success, and are empowered to become effective advocates. Your involvement speaks for thousands of the innocent mistreated Pennsylvania dogs that cannot speak for themselves.In efforts to effectively bring about change in the commercial dog breeding industry (puppy mills), UAPM’s work is directed through three dedicated and distinct groups: zoning, legislation and public awareness. We invite you to explore the functions of each group to determine which best matches your own talents and interests. Please volunteer and help to end the cycle of cruelty today!


This committee tracks applications from commercial breeding operations to local zoning authorities and attends zoning hearings as advocates for dog welfare. Members also coordinate efforts with interested residents in preventing the creation or expansion of puppy mills.


The legislation committee stays informed of dog-related legislation, communicates with lawmakers as needed, performs internet research, and maintains a dialog with other animal advocates throughout the region.

Public Awareness

This committee raises public awareness of puppy mills – how they operate, how not to become a victim, how to end the chain of cruelty. Members organize and host numerous public events designed to educate, inform and rally support, and also assist in fundraising efforts. Committee members discuss the issue with inquiring individuals and groups both informally and as guest speakers.

If you’d like to help us in any of these areas, please complete our online volunteer application.

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