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United Against Puppy Mills is a 100% all volunteer non-profit advocacy group.

United Against Puppy Mills is an incorporated, federally approved 501(c)3 non-profit, fact-based advocacy group that was founded and organized on March 31, 2005 by a group of concerned residents from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. They were aware of the growing number of puppy mills in the area and across the state as well as the unethical breeding practices and inhumane living conditions the breeder dogs endured and wanted the public to know about it. There are no paid employees and work continues solely through the effort of volunteers, some of which hold full-time jobs as well. Our volunteers come from various walks of life but share a dedication and common goal – to promote awareness and educate the public so that we can end the suffering and work towards the elimination of puppy mills.

What is a puppy mill?

Puppy mills are dog breeding operations that produce purebred and mixed/hybrid puppies for profit. Their sole purpose is to produce puppies as inexpensively as possible for maximum retail profit, often disregarding living standards and basic medical care.

Don't contribute to the problem

Your purchase of a mill puppy (often billed as “farm-” or “family-raised” or purchased in pet stores and through websites) continues the cycle of cruelty by putting more money in the pockets of those involved, allowing the profit to be reinvested into the business so that the breeding continues.

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As New Jersey legislators move to stop the puppy mill-to-pet store pipeline, new evidence links Garden State puppy stores to cruel mass breeding facilities

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Amish breeder charged after killing 4 puppies he couldn’t sell: police

Source: PENN LIVE By Zahriah Balentine | zbalentine@pennlive.com A Lancaster County man was charged after illegally euthanizing his four Sheepadoodle…

The fate of PA puppy mill dogs and The Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement is at risk.

The Bureau of Dog Law’s mission to protect animal welfare and public safety and their existence in the community has…

Pennsylvania SPCA removes 21 dogs from breeder’s property in Gap, Lancaster County

Source: WGAL GAP, Pa. — The Pennsylvania SPCA says it rescued 21 dogs from a breeder’s property in Lancaster County…


Over 10,000 puppy mills
in the United States

2.5 Million

Over 2.5 million puppies sold annually originate from a puppy mill


1,457 kennels licensed to breed, sell or transfer dogs in PA in 2021


In 2021, a recorded 517,245 dogs
kept in C" and "K" kennels in PA

Our Mission & Vision.

Our mission is to educate the public about the unethical breeding practices and inhumane living conditions dogs endure in puppy mills so that we can move towards the elimination of puppy mills.

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Millions of dogs are euthanized in the US every year, please ADOPT, don’t shop! You can make a difference through your choices.