United Against Puppy Mills

As New Jersey legislators move to stop the puppy mill-to-pet store pipeline, new evidence links Garden State puppy stores to cruel mass breeding facilities

Source: The Humane Society TRENTON, New Jersey—State Senators Brian Stack, D-Hudson, and Raj Mukherji, D-Jersey City, and Assemblywomen Shama A. Haider, D-Englewood, and Luanne M. Peterpaul, D-Asbury Park, have introduced legislation that will prohibit the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in pet shops, effectively cutting off the cruel puppy mill-to-pet store pipeline. Public records recently […]

Amish breeder charged after killing 4 puppies he couldn’t sell: police

Source: PENN LIVE By Zahriah Balentine | zbalentine@pennlive.com A Lancaster County man was charged after illegally euthanizing his four Sheepadoodle puppies because he was unable to sell them, police said in court documents. John S. Stoltzfus Jr., 46, was charged with four felony counts of aggravated cruelty to animals and four misdemeanor counts of cruelty […]

Smoke Screen: Puppy Kingpin, New Investigative Podcast That Explores the Business of Puppy Laundering, Premieres Today

Source: SONY Music New York and Los Angeles – June 16, 2022 – Neon Hum, in partnership with Sony Music Entertainment’s (SME) Global Podcast Division, today launched Smoke Screen: Puppy Kingpin, season four of its hit investigative podcast seriesthat examines an apparent scheme to illegally sell puppy mill dogs, also known as “puppy laundering.” All episodes of […]

Proposal to ‘modernize’ Pa. dog law, increase fees, gains support from Ag officials, advocates

Source: Pennsylvania Capital-Star | Cassie Miller Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding, who has frequently sounded the alarm on the bureau’s situation, wrote a letter to the Senate committee urging lawmakers to take legislative action this budget season Another bill to return the Pennsylvania Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement to financial solvency is being introduced in the […]

Ongoing outbreak of drug-resistant Infection associated with US pet store puppies

Source: JAMA Network Key Points Question  Are pet store puppies a source of extensively drug-resistant Campylobacter jejuni infection in the US? Findings  This survey study identified 168 cases from public health reports of Campylobacter infections with an epidemiologic or molecular link to pet store puppies from 2011 to 2020; 97% of patients reported contact with a dog, of whom 88% reported […]

Ronks family has long history of animal abuse charges, from poor kennel conditions to keeping sick dogs

Source: Lancaster Online | TY LOHR | Digital Staff Daniel Esh isn’t a lawyer, but the 61-year-old has been in courtrooms long enough to understand the system. The Ronks dairy farmer has been finding loopholes in Pennsylvania’s dog laws for at least 25 years, including changing the name of kennels after animal abuse violations and having a lawyer plead with a judge for a religious exemption for the number of dogs he could legally own […]

PA Senate Bill 746 was signed into law by Governor Shapiro on October 23rd becoming Act 18 of 2023 - Dog Law Modernization. Click here to learn more