SPCA rescues 17 dogs from Lancaster County breeder

Source: Lancaster Online | Staff

A total of 17 dogs were rescued from a Lancaster County breeder by the Pennsylvania SPCA.

The dogs – a French bulldog, seven adult English bulldogs, a Newfoundland, a dachshund with three puppies and an English Bulldog with three puppies – were taken by the SPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement team during the early-morning hours of Wednesday, June 30, the SPCA posted on Facebook.

“The 17 dogs were rescued from the property of a breeder who had prior interactions with our Humane Law Enforcement team,” the post read without identifying who the breeder is or where the dogs were taken from. “That day, his entire breeding stock was wiped out when they were surrendered into our custody.”

The dogs were surrendered by their owner in reference to a prior, ongoing cruelty investigation, SPCA spokeswoman Gillian Kocher said in an email. Additional details will be provided when the case moves forward.

Many of the English Bulldogs taken suffered from Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome, a narrowing of the upper respiratory tract, according to the post. Because of the dogs’ flat faces, shortened upper jaws and noses, they are prone to compromised upper respiratory systems, even as a result of gentle movements or limited exercise.

Two of the dogs, Kujo and Rulo, had to be intubated and required overnight treatment, according to the post.

“After our veterinary team stabilized them at our headquarters, they were transported to VSEC for support overnight,” the post read. “Rolo returned to our care early on Thursday morning where he is being kept in low-stress, climate controlled situations until he can have corrective surgery. Kujo on the other hand required immediate surgery on his airway.”

The SPCA is asking for donations to help cover the dogs’ medical expenses. Donations can be submitted by visiting the SPCA’s Facebook page.